Hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Designed by mother nature to be the perfect facial cleansing and gentle exfoliation tool.

The Aegean Mollissima grows only in the Aegean Sea and particularly in the waters around the island of Crete.


The secret to the unrivaled effectiveness of the Aegean Mollissima sponge is the spicules (minute protruding natural fibers) which are simultaneously fine and hard enough to deeply clean the pores of the face, but soft and gentle enough so as not to irritate sensitive areas.

It’s the best solution for people with sensitive skin, but it works well with all skin types.

Why Cleopatra's

Cleopatra, the Greek Pharaoh of Egypt (Ptolemaic dynasty), remains to this day an international point of reference, regarding her unmatched skin care ritual & beauty regimen.

Cleopatra was a woman who never chose the second best, but only the most exquisite & rare skin care products. Just like you.



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