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What is a sea sponge?

A sea sponge is a multicellular organism that lives in the sea. They are filter feeders, which means they absorb nutrients from the water circulating through their pores. Sea sponges are very important for the marine ecosystem, as they contribute to the redistribution of carbon in the ocean, thus promoting the development of marine life.


What is the Aegean Mollissima?

Mollissima (meaning “the softest” in Latin) is a sponge species that grows mainly in the Aegean sea and is considered the finest sponge due to its unsurpassed softness, durability, elasticity and absorbance. These fine sponges suffered from overfishing and disease outbreaks and were on the verge of extinction, until Cleopatra’s stepped in. Thanks to our sustainable harvesting method, you can enjoy the extraordinary benefits of the Aegean Mollissima sponge, while protecting an endangered species and enhancing the marine ecosystem. You can learn more about Cleopatra’s method here:


Is it vegan?

Even though they are classified as animals, sponges are considered vegan by many as they are lacking a central nervous system. This means that they can’t feel anything. Aristotle classified sponges as “Zoofyton” which means animal-plant, because they have characteristics from both categories.


Why is it good for the skin?

The Aegean Mollissima is great for your face because of its unsurpassed softness and its ability to provide gentle exfoliation, which helps the regeneration of facial skin cells. This form of exfoliation is ideal for sensitive skin and beneficial for normal skin types (as it's not corrosive) and helps to delay the effects of ageing. The Aegean Mollissima is 100% natural, antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic, making it the safest skin care product you’ll ever use. Due to its high concentration of collagen, calcium, magnesium and many other minerals, its velveteen texture provides the best possible care for your skin. Your face will look brighter and healthier.


How do I use it?

Our Aegean Mollissima sponge can be used for deep facial cleansing together with a face wash of your preference or for applying skin care products, such as moisturizing creams, face masks etc. Wash your sponge before using. Before applying the product, drain the water from your sponge. If you are applying a face wash, rinse your sponge with some water and squeeze a couple of times to get the maximum of its foaming qualities. Apply the soap, cream or mask on your face with circular movements.


How can I preserve it in good condition?

It is very important that the sponge is rinsed thoroughly with clean water after each use. Make sure no product (soap, cream etc) is left inside your sponge. Drain the remaining water and let your sponge dry completely before closing the lid. Under these conditions an Aegean Mollissima can last for many years!


Is it eco-friendly and sustainable?

Sea sponges are a renewable natural source. Even if a small piece of the sponges is moved by a water current to another place, it can still grow and become a full grown sponge.

They act as biological filters in the sea and are also biodegradable, which makes them very sustainable (even when disposed) and beneficial for the environment. At Cleopatra’s, we are proud to be the only company in the world to sustainably produce and offer you the Aegean Mollissima: the finest of all the sponges. You can learn more about Cleopatra’s method here:

Why Cleopatra's?

Cleopatra, the Greek Pharaoh of Egypt (Ptolemaic dynasty), remains to this day an international point of reference, regarding her unmatched skin care ritual & beauty regimen. Cleopatra was a woman who never chose the second best, but only the most exquisite & rare skin care products. Just like you.

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