One ocean

Where life began and what unites us all

Pollution, overexploitation, depleted fish populations, countless marine species facing extinction - just to name a few. Our ocean is facing dreadful challenges that pose a threat to the future of our very existence. 
Sponges play a vital role in the health of the marine ecosystem, by filtering the water and re-distributing carbon in the ocean, which is the basis of the development
of new marine life.

One challenge

Reviving the extraordinary Aegean Mollissima sponge

The Aegean Mollissima is a sponge species growing only in the Aegean Sea. Once thriving and prominent, the Aegean Mollissima laid the foundations for one of Greece’s oldest and most lucrative industries, which brought prosperity to distant island communities from the days of Plato and Homer. Alas, overfishing and a succession of diseases brought these natural sea sponges to the very verge of extinction resulting in the collapse of the entire industry.

One Solution

We are changing the way sponges are harvested the last 200 years, to the benefit of our ocean

By harvesting only a small part of the sponge, it remains in the ocean and continues to reproduce and repopulate the sea-bed. The harvested part regrows within 2 months. Thanks to our responsible harvesting method, the natural population is protected and steadily increases thus providing the background for an ocean that is healthy and full of life.

Cleopatra's method

Having identified a sustainable method of wild harvesting, Cleopatra’s, in partnership with Kalymnian sponge divers and dedicated researchers, is striving to restore the depleted sponge population, revive a traditional industry and reconnect people with the beauty and benefits of the humble sea sponge. Taking only a small part of the sponge our divers leave the majority of it on the seabed so that it is able to continue to grow - within one month the harvested part of the sponge has regrown. This method allows the sponge to repopulate thereby sea areas increasing natural populations and commercial availability. Furthermore, Cleopatra’s pledge of only the finest quality can be kept with Kalymnian divers who have fished sponges for generations and are craftsmen of their trade.


However, Cleopatra’s did not stop there. Learning the lessons of history, understanding the perils of overfishing and the scarcity of the Mollissima sponge Cleopatra’s began a sponge aquaculture in Crete, for the purposes of restoration of the species and scientific study. The aquaculture has aided in restoring the natural balance within the ecosystem due to the sponge’s ability to act as a water filter and this helps to keep our seas clean. Their very existence contributes to the distribution of carbon in the marine ecosystem and in doing so promotes the development of marine life.


This commitment to restoring a depleted mollissimaThanks to responsible and sustainable wild harvesting methods the population will ensure that the Aegean Sea continues to benefit from the extraordinary abilities of this humble yet exquisite sponge.  extraordinary M, excellent for gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing, the sponge is the Mollisima sponge is available for purchase for you to enjoy. 100% natural and organic, paraben and silicone-free, Mollisima is the perfect essential addition to your skincare routine. Not only good for your skin the mollisima sponge is good for your purse too. Using the sponge and it’s foaming qualities only a small amount of product is required; making your face wash last twice as long. Applying a facial mask? Apply and remove your mask with a mollisima sponge to experience the benefits of a spa-worthy treatment, in the comfort of your own home. Give your skin the kindness it deserves (and the planet too!) with Cleopatra’s Mollisima sponge.