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Where it all began...

Anargyros is a student-entrepreneur and diver who has held a lifelong love of the sea and its hidden treasures. From a young age he became fascinated with the legends of Greek sponge divers and their tales of deep sea exploration. In 2016, resolved to revive this fading industry and the dying sponge population he made his first journey to Kalymnos.

Interviewing the remaining sponge traders of the island he hoped to understand the problems that had plagued the industry and caused its’ demise. It was in Kalymnos that a retired sponge diver, Captain Antonis, presented him with an authentic Mollissima sponge. The Mollissima is widely acknowledged as the finest sponge in the world and is found only in certain sponge bearing fields in the Aegean Sea. Immediate excitement was tempered as the Captain explained that this particular sponge was all but extinct by a combination of a disease that had struck 30 years ago and continuous over fishing. As a consequence, it was no longer available for purchase.

It was at this point that a partnership between Cleopatra’s and the Kalymnian divers began. Using Cleopatra’s method of sustainable wild harvesting, divers could continue to fish for sponges but this time by only cutting a small part of the sponge (the sponge regrows within a month). This method allows the sponge to continue to grow and repopulate thereby increasing commercial availability and natural populations.


Looking to the future Cleopatra’s also piloted a sponge aquaculture in Crete to further the rate of repopulation and provide future research possibilities into the biochemical properties of the sponge. This commitment to restoring a depleted mollisima population will ensure that the Aegean Sea continues to benefit from the extraordinary abilities of this humble yet exquisite sponge

Today, almost 2 years after that first trip to Kalymnos and after many trials and tribulations we are proud to be the only company in the world that can offer you the Aegean Mollissima: the finest of all the sponges. These sponges of fine and unbeatable quality have been harvested in a sustainable, cruelty-free way that is highly beneficial to the local marine ecosystem.

With your support we succeed, every day, in our mission to save the Mollissima sponge whilst preserving the ancient cultural heritage of sponge diving and supporting local island communities. We offer the finest sponges in the world, harvested with love, from the depths of the Aegean Sea to you.

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At Cleopatra's Sponges, quality & sustainability is our mission. 

Our customers love working with us because we produce products of superior quality with environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. Reach out today to get an initial quote and start working together.

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Elli Nikolaou

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Brand management & Communication (MSc), Marketing

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Anargyros Koutroumpas

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Founder & CEO


Thanos Dailianis

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Marine Biology (PhD),

Scientific Coordinator

Authentic Mollissima Sponges

Experience the velvety soft touch of nature. Mollissima Sponges are a gift from our ocean that transform everyday cleaning into a truly luxurious experience.