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Unveil the ocean's secret for naturally beautiful skin

Introducing the Aegean Mollissima

The natural tool to reawaken your inner glowing skin.

A unique and extremely rare sponge, growing in the depths of the Aegean Sea.

Its velvety soft texture will have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

The ultimate skincare tool

Cleanse, nourish and regenerate your complexion for a youthful,  blooming face.

Photo 23-07-2019 13 31 51-min.jpg

Words of love



I've been using it daily for a year now and it's still in perfect condition. That's way longer than anything similar I've used before.



It's the first product I use to exfoliate my face without irritating my sensitive skin. It's super soft and so cute! I love it! I use it every day.



I couldn't see the reason for using a sponge, but now I tried it, I wouldn't go back to not having one.

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